About Me

When I try to setup the About  Page on any of my websites, I tend to lock up (no pun intended). But I would like to make this the last website I make for my company. So here’s to one last time.

Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Hello. My name is Andrew Estes and I am the sole owner of Andrew’s Safe and Lock. I have been a locksmith or been part of the locksmith industry my entire life. My family owned and operated Guam Lock and Key that was opened in 1972. Contrary to what some people think, No one other than the Estes family owned Guam Lock and Key. I grew up around keys, locks and safes. When I wasn’t sure this was want I wanted to do, my father said that it was a skill that would be needed anywhere in the world.

I became more involved in the business in my later teens where I taught myself more about how things work. In 1992 I became a member of the Associated Locksmith of America (ALOA). The company incorporated in 1999. 2005 is when I went and started my own company as a way to pursue my own interests in the locksmith industry. The focus was on the areas of Automotive and Safe and Vault. At the same time I became a member of the Safe and Vault Technicians Association (SAVTA). In 2010 I traveled to Kentucky for two weeks of GSA training at MBA. I became a Certified GSA Safe and Vault Technician and Recertifier. In 2017 I was inducted into the SAVTA Hall of Fame. This is highest honor I’ve received since I became an Eagle Scout.

I am a direct supplier for ASSA Abloy. My inventory includes  Medeco, ASSA, Mul-T-Lock and Arrow.

I try every day to be the best locksmith I can and further the  competency in all my fields.


  • Sargent and Greenleaf 2740B Electronic Combination Lock
  • Certified X-10 and CDX-10 Electronic Combination Lock
  • Lockmasters LKM10K Lock
  • Sargent and Greenleaf 2937 Mechanical Lock
  • ALOA Certified Automotive Locksmith (CAL)
  • Sargent and Greenleaf 2890B Lock


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